Isfaxa Icelandic Sheep
Icelandic Sheep
(below and right) Freydis is a 2005 polled Moorit
Grey Badgerface ewe.  Twin.  She is my first
double-patterned ewe.  She is a calm and sweet girl.  
She and her mother have exactly the same face.  
She has a lovely fleece.
(below and right) Skima is a 2006 white horned ewe out of
Sebastiana and a Skummorson at Rockport Rogue Island.  
She is large with lots of personality.  She is brave and
sassy like her mother. Her size and her fleece are
Sebastiana ("Anna") is a Spotted Moorit horned ewe
from Lavender Fleece Farm.  Triplet.  She is a
leadersheep and has become increasingly approachable
in the time she has been with us.  Her daughter, Skima,
shares many of her qualities.  Certainly the fanciest
sheep on the place!
Svarta is a 2005
Horned Solid Black ewe.
has an incredible
maternal instinct, and
consistently high-quality,
calm lambs.  Though
she has been lambing
since 2006, she
surprised us in 2013
with her first set of twins.
She stays in great
condition throughout the
year and never has any
health issues.  Such a
treat to have this ewe.

(below and right) Sefja: 2009 Black Grey Badgerface
ewe.  Sefja g
rew to an impressive size in her first year,
and remains on the taller and larger size of all of my
 I am very impressed with her conformation and
 She has SO much fleece.
(left and below) Fjola.  2001 Moorit Grey Polled
ewe.  Natural Triplet.  
Don't tell anyone else, but
she's my favorite.  
Very friendly with a consistent
and outstanding fleece.
Photos from February and March 2011 shown below.
(left) Frekja. 2008 Polled Solid Black ewe.  Incredible
fleece.  She's a friendly girl, always in great condition.  
Svarta's daughter.