Cascade Icelandic Horse Club
The Cascade Icelandic Horse Club is a recreational club for owners of
Icelandic Horses, and people who want to ride and have fun with
Icelandics.  Members come from all over the Pacific Northwest.  The
annual meeting is in January, with a Summer meeting in August.  
Typical activities throughout the year include shows, trail rides, play
days and competitions.  Spring begins with the Northwest Equine Expo
in Albany, OR, and Summer closes with a beach ride in Long Beach,
WA.  CIHC is a USIHC chapter club.  For further information, please
contact the membership chairperson,

United States Icelandic Horse Congress
Icelandic Horses are registered through the United States Icelandic
Horse Congress.  To access records, become a member, or learn more
about the breed, visit

Here are links to some of our favorite products and places!

Visit the Icelandic Horse Farm in Vernon, BC.  They’re our favorite
pick for gentle horsemanship, Ttouch, Riding clinics, and choosing the
right horse for you!

Barefoot Horse Trimming  
Two excellent books to review for barefoot hoof care are:
Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You by Pete Ramey
Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care by Jaime Jackson.
You can purchase both of these books on by clicking on
the link to the left.

Old Mac’s multi-purpose horse boots instead of shoeing
your horse!  Your horse will thank you and their feet will too!  I got a
pair of these last July and rode in them every day for three months over
all kinds of terrain.  No problems and no more complaints of tender feet
from my mare.  This summer we’re hitting the trails with our old macs,
and loving every minute!

Suggested Reading:
Natural Horse Care by Pat Coleby
Icelandic Horses
Sara CCA wears her Old Mac
Boots for the first time, July, 2003.