Welcome to Gunnar's page!
For Gunnar's first birthday (June 19) we bought him a life jacket and took him out on the lake for the
first time.  After some hesitation as the motor got going, he decided it was a bunch of fun.  He has
nice manners on the boat, and is welcome to join us every time!
Gunnar's brother came to visit.
In February, Gunnar's brother,
Ragnar, came to visit with Katie (his
owner) while Katie delivered some
sheep to me and picked up some
she'd purchased.  The two boys really
enjoyed their time together.  You can
tell by their smiles on their faces!
Below, left: Gunnar enjoys the snow, January 2007
Below, right: Gunnar and "fiskur." September 2006
Above: Gunnar poses for the camera, and shows me that he
can Skritha (crawl).  March 23, 2007
The Boys get bandanas
Cyrus and Gunnar, exhausted on
the kitchen floor after a very busy
day in the pasture.  May, 2007
Gunnar, October 2009