Our Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD),  Sera

In our area, our flock is threatened by passing coyotes and
neighboring dogs.  We have chosen Livestock Guardian Dogs as our
preferred method of protection.  Sera is a fabulous example of the
Great Pyreneese LGD.  They have huge hearts, a gentle disposition,
and best of all, they know their job.  We have often witnessed the dogs
demonstrating the qualities that led us to include them in our flock.  

Sera is a 1
3 year old Great Pyreneese that we got from a rescue
association in 2005 to help Gaston guard the new property and the
increasing flock.  She is enthusiastic about her job and brought new joy
to Gaston's day-to-day life.

Gaston passed away at the age of 12, and Sera has taken on the full
responsibility of watching the flock.

To find out more about this wonderful breed, visit the
Great Pyreneese Club of America.
Icelandic Sheep
Gaston, September 2004
Sera, September 2005
More photos of our Fabulous Friends:
Sera, October 2009
Sera, October 2009
Sera on the job, May 2007
Gaston, January 2008
Gaston, March 2008, age 11