Fun With Our Horses
Here are a few of the fun things we get to do with our Icelandics.  They’re
not only our horses, but our friends.
Icelandic Horses
Scandia Fest 2003

Agatha Ýr, Sarah Bell, Bonnie Swenson, Claudia Rancore, and Lindy Kuhle
represented the Cascade Icelandic Horse Club at the Midsummer Scandia
Festival in Astoria, Oregon, the weekend of June 20-22.  We rode 5 Icelandic
Horses in the Mid-summer parade through downtown Astoria.  The horses
were washed and brushed, looking their best despite some lingering winter fat,
and we really turned some heads in our Icelandic sweaters.  Sara Bell rode
Glær frá Ytri-Kongsbakka, Agatha rode Skjoni frá Dæli, Bonnie rode her horse,
Sara frá CCA, Claudia rode her horse Bylgja, and Lindy rode her horse, Beggi.
 For many of the horses and a couple of the riders, this was their first parade.
We fought off nerves, and had a great time.
Astoria, June 2003
photo by unknown artist
Ten Mile Ride

In August, 2003, Bonnie and her friend, horse-trainer SarahBell, took a ten
mile ride to Swale Canyon Farms in Centerville, Washington.  Bonnie rode her
horse, Sara CCA, and SarahBell rode a horse in training, Freyja.  Barb, at
Swale Canyon Farms, makes leather tack by hand.  We rode to her house to
pick up some custom bridles she made for us.  We rode over gravel roads,
alfalfa fields, tumble weeds, and past many families of deer, nestling in the
underbrush.  We got there just as the sun was setting.  Everything was bathed
in orange light.  Barb was so excited to see us, she said that no one had
ridden out to their place in over 10 years.  We met her Draft horses, which
they use to hay their fields, and her jersey cows, which they use for milk and
homemade cheese.  We picked up our tack and had a tour of her work room.  
We headed for home in the dark.  We decided to take a shortcut through
some farmers’ fields, and were nervous we’d lose our way, since there are no
lights for miles.  We’d also never ridden these horses at night before, and it
was Bonnie’s first night ride ever.  The horses were such troopers, and had no
problem navigating in the dark.  We got home just as Peder came out on the
ATV to look for us.  What a ride!
Centerville, Aug, 2003
photo by Sarah Bell
Manastash Trail Ride
One Saturday in May, 2004 we spent the day in the foothills of Manastash
Ridge.  We were happy to be out enjoying the day, and the horses definitely
enjoyed the time on the trail.  We trekked up steep mountainsides, through
dense brush, sloping forests, and winding meadows.  Sara CCA wore her Old
Mac's multi-purpose boots, and Kjarnar sported new shoes.  The mountains
were a great place for the horses to get in shape, and the view from the top
was amazing.  We thought we might have a few sprinkles, but the day turned
out to be beautiful!
Bonnie and Sara CCA
photo by Peder Swenson
Summers are always well spent with the folks at the Wrenhill stables.  Pictured
here: Bonnie with Sara CCA, Sarahbell with Boki, and Bonny with Katla.
Summer 2008.
Riding in 2 feet of snow in Ellensburg, WA.  
Sarahbell rode Dropi, and Bonnie rode Sara
CCA.  What a blast to trot in snow! January
Annual Cascade Icelandic Horse Club Beach Ride.  Always a
fantastic mix of good friends, good food, and a thrilling ride on
the longest beach on the West Coast.