About Isfaxa Farm
Isfaxa means "Ice Mane."  We raise
purebred Icelandic sheep, and love
Icelandic horses.  The animals are our
pride and joy, and provide us with a
lifestyle that allows us to enjoy the
outdoors, hard work, and the affection
of our animals.

Peder is an experienced horseman,
having grown up around horses and
taken instruction from trainers in
Iceland, Canada and the US.  Peder
spent many years as a horse trainer
and training people how to ride, and
how to train their horses.  He avidly
promotes the use of a combination of
techniques including Centered Riding,
TTouch, and Icelandic gentling
techniques.  These days Peder is
retired from training and riding, but
stays busy tending to our garden, and
managing our sheep flock.

Bonnie fell in love with an Icelandic  
horse named Sara in 2002, and the
rest is history.  Shortly afterwards, we
acquired the beginnings of our
Icelandic Sheep flock, which inspired
Bonnie to learn knitting, felting and
hand spinning.  She focuses on natural
horsemanship, the barefoot trim, and
natural sheep care.
Photo by SarahBell
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